Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Munky see Munky do

Don't mess with this munky!

Special feature:
~removeable banana
~bendable arms and tails


Before u say I do..

Wahaha....tajuk macam nak saspen je.:..bile mood menggedik kawen dtg, so wajibla letak something related to wedding theme kan? :)

Lately banyak order untuk customized wedding frame ni...selalunya untuk jadi wedding gift..special thanks to my 1st ever customer/pencetus idea for this wedding frame..Hamidah!

Jalan citer: pengantin laki jeling2 manje pade pengantin pompuan...n pengantin pompuan tutup mata malu2an...standard la posing gmbar kawen camtu kot ;) yang ni untuk kenduri belah pengantin pompuan kat sg. petani. Tema die kaler for the base guna kaler off white and bunga2 kaler brown..

For the 2nd frame untuk reception kat Taiping, tema kaler base kaler kelabu and bunga2 mix kaler pink+biru+putih..i used 6R sized frame, can get from JJ je.

So if u're interested to order this wedding frame, kindly send me a note :D

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gigih Tekun Berusaha~

Zaman gigih wat patung banyak2...wahaha...sume skali dlm 135 pieces..projek ni telah berjaye membuatkan aku jadi anti sosial selama 2 bulan demi untuk menyiapkan mereka2 ini...balik keje 6.30pm sampai midnight wat mende ni tiap2 hari sampai mereng..but it was a good experience la...totally worth it when every single item sold out...IMMD :)

Dalam gambar ni ade cookie, chicky, mushroom, bear, cat, panda, lof2, virus, stroberi...buat2 banyak2 tp less variety...sbb nak siapkan cepat! huhu..

BKM# 1:

Bile buat banyak, tuka je kaler lain2 tapi wat mende same time+energy to think of diff items..lalala~ but hey this is for kids, they don't complain much :D

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello world~

Wahh...its been 6months++ since i last update this blog..(uhh..hangat2 taik ayam je)..semalam lepas bace ade satu blog psl cute felt stuff then tibe2 dapat semangat baru untuk teruskan niat murni majukan mende alah ni..go go go~

Ok so how about some basic intro..I'm doing this as partime thing while still working my ass off at the big factory (keyword: penang; semicon; kuli). I guess in a weird way this felt craft hobby of mine always been the only source of entertainment
(other than tgk repeat shows kat tv sampai tgh mlm).

One more thing is on the big question... "why is this blog created?" Well currently I have been using FB to promote the felt stuff but sometimes it is hard to manage all queries+orders hopefully thru this medium I'll be able to manage all orders all my lovely customers (bodek) please take your time to look at the items and let me know your feedback..if got any la.. [insert smiley face here]

Rainbow felt..*love*